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For all the various reasons someone would be in the most cut throat town this side of the Sharksfin Islands, the group finds themselves in bars drinking, alley ways passed out, bedrooms wenching, or temples praying. Well… maybe not in temples praying.

Aww… Tallendire. The port only certain ‘merchants’ dock after miraculously finding goods on the seas… almost always from other ships. Tallendire wears it’s slogan like a proud trophy “City of sea salt and sin.”

Tallendire is regarded as best place to find the more shady or most daring mercenary work. Most shady and daring happens to also mean the most paid. Desperate nobles venture to find discrete assassins. Collectors know they can find thieves and adventurers to procure whatever artifact they may want. Even the Gods have been rumored to seek out talent only found in Tallendire. Needless to say, occupants are full of the roughest cut throats, sly sea dogs, and a few brave (and just as shady) shop keepers and tavern owners.

Although the majority of Tallendire are regarded as ruffians and mercenaries, some residents are there for purer reasons. Many temples are there to convert or recruit. Good Clerics see Tallendire as a challenge in expanding their order while evil clerics wish to swell their ranks of followers. Tallendire’s location and nature creates a perfect safe haven from The Empire as well. Residents have freedom and atonomy from the overreaching arm of The Empire. As a result, inventors, researchers, and business owners operate out of Tallendire.

Only one thing keeps the city in a semblance of order, the city watch. These aren’t soldiers fully employed by the city, but really just a large mercenary band paid by the city. At any given time, no one knows how many city watch exist as members constantly take mercenary jobs. Anyone can be hired on as the City Watch at any time, but the pay is minimal and only the desperate or vengeful take up employment. The threat of anyone ‘legally’ murdering another keeps everyone pretty civil. The entire city works with one simple rule as well. If you’re doing something illegal, don’t get caught or have enough gold to pay off the watch.

Aww… Tallendire. Your favorite place in the whole world.

port of sail ships

Tallendire is also the last stop in The Empire before the Sharksfin Islands, a notorious area where the pirate guild, Silvergrim Guild, resides. As notorious as the name of these islands and guild are, few know much about them or the inner workings of the Silvergrim. However, many uneducated folks have a rumor they proclaim as truth and many bar fights have erupted over the years between these fools.


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